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How to lead `your offering + your partner` to your customer!

What is it solving


How to scale into small medium business!

While leading cloud ISVs, e.g., built successful businesses based on a direct-to-customer sales model over decades, this approach can generate sales and marketing expense in the range of 50% of gross revenues. Too many new breed cloud startups (and the VCs that fund them) have this level of sales and marketing expense as a percentage of revenue and it has become an impediment to both funding and efficient, effective sales and marketing execution.

ISVs in the era of cloud face persistent challenges how to start, grow and manage a new generation of eChannels for the age of virtual goods – and subscription biz .

ECA solving Problems

As cloud application ISVs and service providers go forward, a new indirect-ecommerce, partner-advantaged sales model – Ecosystem Commerce Automation – is rising on the horizon enabling them to:

  1. Reach more customers with their cloud-offering.
  2. Re-invent their go-to-market execution for indirect-sales. 
  3. Transform traditional software business into on demand commerce


Ecosystem Commerce & Collaborative Selling Made Easy

ISVs that leverage the power of the Cloudplace platform can offer brandable, fully-customizable micro-stores with your preconfigured cloud offering. We call them �Ecommerce Points of Presence’ or EPOPs – for ecosystem partners as sales and marketing accelerators. But enrolling your ecosystem partners in your new Cloudplace-powered sales network is just the beginning.

Once an EPOP or partner micro-store is activated, Cloudplace enables ISVs to build a collaborative sales pipeline by working �socially’ with your partners via our built-in multi-tiered sales tool kit. A generation beyond static commerce models, Cloudplace makes it easy to manage prospects, quote prices, enable trial application use and close deals. With Cloudplace you can build your customized and branded ecosystem of thousands of local affiliate partners, consulatnts, VARs, SIs, cloud brokers and MSPs.

Cloudplace is nothing less than Ecosystem Commerce Re-invented… for the age of the cloud.