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Affordable For Every Budget- From Lean Startups to Category Leaders

Cloudplace PaaS is flexibly priced for ISVs and CSPs of all sizes, from emerging cloud startups to proven Cloud market leaders. By concentrating your go to market investments on your new Cloudplace-powered ecosystem, you will gain a powerful weapon of marketing warfare against the competition. Our model is simple, so it’s easy to calculate your future ROI on your investment in ecosystem commerce automation via Cloudplace.  Here’s how it works.

On demand subscription1. Determine the number of micros-stores (or Ecommerce Points of Presence = EPOPs) you want to distribute within your partner network.
2. You´ll get provisioned your branded Cloudplace platform to enable that number of ecommerce point of presence- and beyond. With our elastic expansion model you will always be able to drive new Cloudplace EPOPs into your network.
3. Based on the amount of EPOPs – the monthly subscription price will enable your partner marketing team to build the kind of robust commerce ecosystem –  fulfilling your partners and it´s customers needs.


And if you need to convince your CEO of the power of Cloudplace, start a trial that get your cloud apps on-boarded and your partner network ready to rollout. As soon as you and your team decide to pull the trigger.


Trial Phase: The Cloudplace services team will provide hands-on management of your ecosystem commerce pilot for a targeted number of your partners to-be-determined. During the trial, Cloudplace will closely monitor customer feedback around your ecosystem commerce initiative in order to support the development of a Go Live or rollout plan for your new ecosystem commerce initiative.  Based on this feedback we will prepare and deliver a detailed Pilot Program summary for your review, and as input tot he next step of a final Cloudplace launch plan.