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Disrupt your Cloud-to-market with Ecosystem Commerce Automation!



Reach, Relevance, Relationships, Revenue!

Cloudplace represents the creative fusion of ecosystem-optimized eCommerce, collaborative partner selling, and go-to-market process automation. And is designed from the ground up for the age of digital distribution, including cloud and mobile apps.

Cloudplace is an ecosystem marketer’s best friend, delivering the 4 major must-haves for today’s “on demand” markets. Reach, relevance, relationships and revenue.



ISVs and CSPs that leverage the power of the Cloudplace platform can automatically multiply their e-commerce �points of presence’ by providing brandable, customizable white-label micro-stores to their go-to-market partners. Thereby creating agile, modern and profitable commerce networks – and you can add an unlimited number of partner points of presence to target high volume SME markets that increasingly buy on app-stores.



Your ecosystem partners will love Cloudplace for its proven customization capability. Customization that enables your partners to showcase their own services and brand alongside yours. No other ecosystem commerce platform even comes close to this level of true partner relevance, enabling ecosystems partners to be true stakeholders in your success.



For ISVs and CSPs that provide market development funds (MDF) and sales leads to their partners, Cloudplace is the best way to strengthen partner relationship in real time. While improving your ROI on MDF and lead generation investments. Why throw money at under-performing partners when you can focus more of your resources on your most profitable go-to-market alliances.



Once an ecosystem partner’s micro-store is activated, the Cloudplace platform enables ISVs and CSPs to build a revenue pipeline by collaborating with partners via our built-in multi-tiered sales tool kit. A generation beyond conventional go-to-market process automation, the Cloudplace platform makes it easy for your Ecosystem Partner to manage prospects, quote prices, enable trial application use, close deals and streamline your partner operations. All while gaining unparalleled visibility into your collaborative ecosystem pipeline – in real time.