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Invite to embed your app-store ... easy as Youtube videos!

What is it


The platform you need to transform your traditional channel into cloud-commerce!

Cloudplace is the world´s first smart commerce platform for cloud applications, designed to reach more customers through eChannels! 

From lean startups to established category leaders, ISVs and cloud service providers (CSPs) need new methods, tools and marketplaces to commercialize their on demand subscription offering successfully and in a sustainable way. That’s why we developed Cloudplace, the platform-as-a-service for the age of app-stores and social collaboration.

Ecosystem Commerce Automation
With Cloudplace, ISVs can create and activate an innovative go-to-market model, offering their partner ecosystem easy to embedd „ecommerce point of presence“ – including backend management.

Cloudplace is an award-winning ecosystem commerce automation (ECA) platform, designed from the ground up to market, manage and monetize an indirect-ecommerce offering for cloud ISVs and digital product providers.