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Check out our library of tools to help you be successful in the Cloud Business. Read whitepapers, articles, and top ten lists on topics related to the Cloud go-to-market methodology, the Subscription Economy and the age of App Stores.


The Lean Commerce for Cloud Apps

Cloudplace ECA is the smart PaaS for Tech Companies that want to reach the mass market with their Cloud offering, before its competition does. Cloudplace Ecosystem Commerce Automation reduces go-to-market costs, speeds up time-to-market, strengthen partner relationships and increases subscription revenue. Download this two pager and read more.

Cloud Channel Headaches

11 Common Recurring Cloud Channel Headaches

If you have rolled out your cloud offering through your channel partner network to reach mass market, then you’ve probably experienced one or more of the following pain points described on this document. Read more.

ECA Blueprint

Blueprint to Capitalize Cloud Revenue

SMB’s lack trust in using cloud applications because many questions and issues still remain open.  In order to address the SMB successfully with a cloud offering, your platform and your business ecosystem needs to provide advice and guidance as trusted suppliers.   SMBs depend heavily on small local providers, VARs, SI’s and IT brokers to provide assistance in the role as “virtual / external IT”.  Find out how to solve this challenges.


Benefits for Cloud ISVs

Cloudplace represents the creative fusion of ecosystem-optimized eCommerce, collaborative partner selling, and go-to-market process automation. And is designed from the ground up for the age of digital distribution, including cloud and mobile apps. Cloudplace is an ecosystem marketer’s best friend, delivering the 4 major must-haves for today’s “on demand” markets. Reach, relevance, relationships and revenue.

The Cloud SMB Path into SMB

The Cloud Path into Small Medium Business


This paper is intended to help ISPs and Telcos as an overview on how to offer cloud computing applications to their large customer base of small and medium business (SMB) – in a sustainable way.  First it examines why the Telcos and ISPs are well positioned to address this opportunity.  Then it explains the SMB needs and dependences as well as the requirements and considerations with developing and launching a commerce platform focused on cloud computing business.